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The Ultimate Multifunctional Portable Solar Table

No matter how you like to experience the outdoors: at a tailgate, a camping trip, a photography excursion, or even an emergency situation, you can have steady reliable electricity wherever you go with the YH300. It’s a multipurpose solar panel that doubles as a handy table to place all your gear. Charge your phone, power your lights, use your bluetooth speaker and more. It has its own internal battery so you can stay charged even when the sun goes down. You can even plug in an extra solar panel to give it a boost and charge the battery even faster. There’s no limits to where you can go with the YH300.


YH is devoted to making clean energy and technology more affinity to life. Today YH is working hard to achieve the wish and believes the technology will make our life a new look sooner. YH expects the further popularization of clean energy will greatly reduce the pollution to nature caused by firepower and hydropower generation. When we enjoy our life, accompanied by clean energy, let our children live on the fabulous earth.


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