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The Infinitely Adjustable LED Desk Lamp

Introducing Yeslamp Evo, the adjustable LED desk lamp with a 6-axis adjustable swing arm that always offers the perfect light and brightness for all your desktop working requirements. Yeslamp Evo solves several problems by using special LED beads designed with a Color Rendering Index (CRI) that is above 96. Yeslamp Evo features a spectrum that is close to the natural daylight. This provides an eye-friendly source of light that helps you see, read, work, and create better with minimum eye effort while it also restores the authentic color of any object you’re working with.


Yeslamp has been pursuing the core goal of healthy lighting since its inception, and we strive to make our LED lighting products emit light closer to the natural light of the day to better protect the health of our eyesight and that of our families. Yeslamp Evo is designed based on our years of research on the needs of users. It adopts the latest natural spectrum lighting technology. The light is very close to the natural light of the day, which can better protect the health of our eyesight and better restore the color of objects.


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