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3D Printable STL Files For Tabletop & Role-Playing Games

Immerse yourself in a collection of intricately designed printable miniatures tailored for resin 3D printers
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Forged Path Miniatures presents Willowbrook, a set of 3D printable STL files. Welcome to the Willowbrook Circus, brought to life by Forged Path Miniatures. Immerse yourself in a collection of intricately designed 3D printable miniatures tailored for Resin 3D printers. Nestled alongside the Medieval town of Willowbrook, the circus has rolled into town, presenting a core set of 15 unique models. Crafted for 28mm scale, our models offer versatility, easily adaptable to various gaming systems through simple scaling adjustments. Moreover, for those seeking retail opportunities, we're extending lifetime merchant tiers for the sale of these models.


Crafting detailed STL designs for fantasy & sci-fi tabletop games. From orcs to dragons, we bring your games to life!


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