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Bluetooth & Vinyl Turntable Record Player

Amplify your favorite records with 2x full frequency speakers and a heavy bass unit, preserving all the charm of a vintage turntable 🎶
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Amplify your favorite vinyl with VS-01, the retro record player with a modern touch. Thanks to the integration of modern-day Bluetooth technology, you can blast your treasured records while transporting yourself to days past with the crisp, crackling charm of a vintage turntable. The upright design lets you watch your record slowly rotate as you immerse yourself in the music. The sound system features 2x 5W full frequency speakers and a 25W heavy bass unit making your home feel like a live music venue.


CoolGeek focuses on innovative functional high-end home products in Scandinavian style, adhering to a long tradition of providing high-end home products for design lovers. Awesome designs are born through solid construction, beautiful form, effective presentation and adding design ideas that go beyond form and function. Through a minimalist aesthetic, Danish industrial designer CoolGeek shows the world how the seemingly unrelated three aspects of mind/function/material are perfectly intertwined. This is an experimental modern design that shows the public how to use materials correctly and what is necessary and irreplaceable for home products. CoolGeek Design & Living provides the modern conscious you with a home that is styled without compromising intellectual elegance.


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