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Vintage Design Aromatherapy Bluetooth Speaker

To Jo is an innovative aromatherapy Bluetooth speaker and phone charger that complements any space. Inspired by the design of classic record players, To Jo quickly and evenly diffuses a calming fragrance while playing your favorite tunes. It also features a wireless charging pad for your devices, which ensures a convenient, clutter-free charging experience. Turn it on and encounter the coming together of sound, scent, and light for a relaxing and calming effect. Stop worrying about the hassle of cleaning traditional diffusers with an easy-to-disassemble and clean record, allowing you to spend all your time healing. Experience your music like never before and create the ultimate place of zen today with To Jo ABOUT Send A Spare Moment to Your Home. FAQ How many colors are available? Three colors: gray | pink ($100,000 to unlock) | green ($200,000 to unlock). You can choose freely the unlocked colors in the questionnaire after the event. Why are there no giveaway essential oils in countries other than the United States? Essential oils are sensitive products, which will make overseas express shipping more expensive. We compensate for this loss by backers by reducing shipping costs. How to charge wirelessly? Before charging, you need to plug in the power supply of the phone. After powering on, place the phone directly on the wireless charging power source of the speaker to achieve wireless charging. CL Message Dual speakers deliver crystal-clear surround sound, while an easy-to-clean record evenly diffuses fragrances for ultimate relaxation