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Versatile Comfort Bean Bag Chair

The Revolve Chair is a multifunctional bean bag ready to keep you relaxed at any angle. This chair features three unique sides that provide super-soft support depending on your situation. Whether you're resting, lounging, or staying engaged in work, Revolve is ready. Each bean bag is designed with premium machine-washable filling and handles for quick transportation. Take your Revolve Chair to the office, the outdoors, and anywhere in-between. ABOUT Hi We're Vear. We're on a mission to create better homely comfort — without making our home planet uncomfortable. FAQ What does it mean to back a project (pledge)? When you back a project, you’re pre-ordering the product. That means you'll get it once it's produced. Besides getting the product itself, you're also joining a community. Follow along the production process, take part in important surveys and give the creator valuable feedback. What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a launchpad for creators to raise funds for the initial production of their invention. Backers (that's you!) can support the creator by pre-ordering the product at a discounted price. How do I pledge? In order to pledge, click that green button that says “Back this project”. You'll get to select your shipping country and choose your desired pledge level and reward. CL Message Spin into a new world of comfort ☁️