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Two Tabletop Games Packed With Trading And Negotiation

Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas are two blazing-fast, wildly clever games of trading and negotiation. Both feature elaborate politics and intrigue in the animal kingdom, sure to bring out the best (and worst…) in your friends and family. Get ready to campaign your way to the top in Zoo Vadis, where you lobby for a position in the star exhibit of a zoo the animals run themselves! Make trustworthy deals or cook up sly schemes to reach your goal. If you're looking for another devious game of deception, Gussy Gorillas gets players to assume the role of monkeys looking to snag the best goods from each other's fur. Pick either game, or even both, and enjoy a night of fun. ABOUT Co-Founder of Bitewing Games, a tabletop game publishing company run by two dentists! In dentistry a bitewing is an x-ray that allows us to analyze and view a tooth in a different way than is seen with the naked eye. Our goal is to create and share games in a way that, much like the x-ray, will provide you with a unique perspective and exciting new experience. In short, we make classy board games that bite. FAQ How do I add the Zoo Vadis faction bags or Criminal Capers games to my pledge? You will be able to add on these items during the pledge manager (after the Kickstarter campaign). For now, simply select your desired pledge level. After the Kickstarter campaign is over, we will email you a survey (to the email associated with your Kickstarter account) where you will be able to add on and pay for any extra desired items. Can the cards be sleeved? Zoo Vadis contains no cards. Gussy Gorillas cards can be sleeved. We plan to use an insert that allows room for sleeved cards (note that the prototype insert found in Gussy Gorillas previews is different from the final one — the final insert will be the same as our Criminal Capers Collection games). Will Zoo Vadis and Gussy Gorillas be translated into other languages? We are currently in communication with potential international partners who are interested in localizing our games. Of course, a more successful Kickstarter campaign is likely to accelerate this process and gain wider attention. For this campaign, we are only offering the English language version, but keep on the lookout for more languages in the coming years (notably, these will not feature the Deluxe Edition of Zoo Vadis) CL Message Enjoy blazingly fast gameplay full of tough tactical decisions between friends in an effort to come out on top!