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Tool Pen With Sleek Pop-A-Point Bit Swapping

Keep various bits securely inside the metal barrel, quickly identify them through the carved-out windows, and swap them out easily
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Still lugging around a bulky screwdriver kit? It's time to meet Tool Pen. The pocket-sized tool features bit storage inside its metal barrel body. Inspired by your favorite childhood pop-a-point pencil, access the bits easily by quickly swapping them out. No more rummaging around because the right bit is always ready to go for the job at hand. Carry out a whole host of tasks from delicate repairs like tightening your glasses all the way through to furniture assembly. Tool Pen is the next best thing to a toolbox in your pocket.


Like all of our creation, mininch is concise, minimalist, and functional. Through years of development and testing, we solve problems no others are solving. Established in 2013 and based in Taiwan, we continue to strive for perfection through quality and innovative tools one inch at a time. mininch key team members have great credentials and complementary expertise in design, manufacturing, marketing, and project management; we’ve won a number of awards including 2013 iF product design award. By leveraging everyone's profession & experience, we can ensure that every project is thoughtfully executed and timely delivered.


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