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Three-In-One Family Home Robot Companion

The Enabot EBO X is an adorable family robot companion, protector, and playmate. The Enabot EBO X is truly unique and fills a void when it comes to companionship as well as security. Enabot EBO X showcases the technological capabilities of both AI and hardware technology. The Enabot EBO X has won both the Robotics Innovation Award and Smart Home Innovation Award at CES. Enabot EBO X features a premium speaker, 4K stabilized camera, V-SLAM navigation, and more. ABOUT Enabot focuses on the research and development of home robots. With the brand concept of "Always Together" and the vision of "being a warm technology enterprise serving tens of millions of families", we are committed to solving the deep companionship needs of modern families through advanced intelligent technology, empowering life with technology, so as to improve family happiness. FAQ What is the expected shipping time? EBO X starts shipping in May according to the pre-order sequence. How much is the shipping fee? Is the custom fee included? The shipping fee has import tax included and Enabot only charges 30% from the backers, Enabot will pay for 70% of the shipping cost. If you pre-order the bundle (2 units of EBO X), the shipping cost is the same as that of pre-ordering 1 unit of EBO X. Is the EBO X available globally? Yes, the preorder is planned to cover worldwide backers What is the warranty of the EBO X? 1 year warranty. How can I get in contact with you? Enabot sets up a VIP email vipsupport@enabot.com for all of our backers. CL Message An adorable robot that helps you stay connected and safe