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Easy To Use Versatile Thermal Imager

Thermato is a high-resolution thermal imager that can catch every point’s temperature and display the details with amazing clarity. Thermato is versatile, customizable, and powerfully accurate. In addition, Thermato is easy to use even if you are a novice. Thermato is fall-proof, has 4 imaging modes, 4 color palettes, and has a battery that can last for 6 hours. Once you find the high-temperature points or crux of problems, simply press the button to save the images. Upgrade your toolkit today with Thermato!


The Thermato team is made up of a group of people who have extensive experience in the field of thermal imaging.


What is the detecting temperature range of Thermato?

The temperature range is from -20℃ to 350℃

Can Thermato take pictures and videos?

Thermato can only take pictures and no video function.

How does Thermato connect to PC

Just plug in the USB-C cable and connect to your PC. Like using a flash drive.

What type is Thermato’s sensor?

Uncooled vanadium oxide micro-radiation calorimeter

What is the resolution of the monitor

It is 256*192 and with 25HZ Screen refresh rate.

How to use the screen casting?

Connect Thermato to your PC, then turn on the projecting function. Open a software which support UVC (USB video class), like PotPlayer. Then you just need to follow the manual.

How many modes does Thermato support?

Thermato supports 4 imaging modes. Camera, Combine, PIP(Picture in Picture) and thermal imaging.

How many color palettes does Thermato have?

4, hermato has white hot, black hot, iron red, and Iridescence.