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The Ultimate Weighted Blanket

Introducing KAI, a luxurious Japanese-inspired weighted blanket that is designed to bring serenity and comfort to your life. Made with the finest quality materials, KAI is designed to mimic the sensation of being hugged, which helps to improve sleep. The unique design of this blanket is inspired by traditional Japanese patterns and motifs, making it not only functional but also a beautiful addition to any bedroom. Made from a premium blend of bamboo and cotton, KAI is designed to elevate your sleep experience, and its high quality double-reinforced stitching makes it durable, providing high resistance to wear and tear. ABOUT N/A FAQ What does it mean to back a project (pledge)? When you back a project, you’re pre-ordering the product. That means you'll get it once it's produced. Besides getting the product itself, you're also joining a community. Follow along the production process, take part in important surveys and give the creator valuable feedback. What is Kickstarter? Kickstarter is a launchpad for creators to raise funds for the initial production of their invention. Backers (that's you!) can support the creator by pre-ordering the product at a discounted price. How do I pledge? In order to pledge, click that green button that says “Back this project”. You'll get to select your shipping country and choose your desired pledge level and reward. CL Message Made with the finest quality materials for supreme comfort