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The Tiny Capsule-Sized EDC Solution You've Always Needed

Meet Microblade Pill XL, the EDC cutting tool made to go everywhere with unbelievably minuscule dimensions. At just 1.57 inches small, it hangs from your keys inconspicuously, making your usual pocket knife look like a giant. You'll barely feel it in your pocket and, instead, feel its convenience everywhere. The ultra-sharp tip cuts through rope, plastic fasteners, packages, and so much more. It's also ideal for outdoor adventures, yet the innovative spring-loaded-ball locking mechanism makes it safe to touch and use without accidents. ABOUT MICROCARRY is a trademark for small EDC items. It is operated by ZOOTY Limited, a creative design workshop based in London, UK. The company was established in 2014 by a group of engineers and product design enthusiasts. Main goal of the workshop is to create usable design products for public. FAQ Is it considered safe to carry micropills through airport security in carry-on luggage? The short answer is yes. The blade is very small and it's hidden inside a capsule. And on top of that, it's securely locked. But it is always up to the airport security inspector to decide so bring it at your own risk. Over the past 4 years, countless microblade pills were carried on planes and we never had any issues with that. Two days ago three XL pills were carried on a flight to Italy also without any questions. How to pledge for more than 4 pills? Simply add bonus support for the extra pills and we will manage this through surveys later when the campaign ends. CL Message Open packages, cut through plastic, rope, and more 📦