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The Sweater for Before, During, and After Pregnancy

The All Phases Fleece created by Wildelore is designed to inspire and encourage outdoor exploration during any stage of motherhood. Each sweater features unique aspects made to support those wearing it during periods of pregnancy, nursing, postpartum, and beyond. Thanks to adjustable side zippers, moms-to-be can size up their fleece without having to constantly buy new clothes. After the pregnancy, an easy-access front zipper helps mothers nurse without worrying about the time and hassle of disrobing. No matter where you are in the journey of motherhood, the All Phases Fleece keeps your journeys outdoors going. ABOUT Founder of Wildelore - a new outdoor brand for mothers in nature. Launching our All Phases Fleece this January! Help us prove to the world that women in all phases deserve a place in the outdoors. FAQ Do you fulfill based on when we pick our size and colour? Or when we back the campaign? Orders will be fulfilled on a first-backed, first-served basis. When we get our final list of backers at the end of the campaign, we are able to sort the backers by the date and time in which they backed the campaign. From here we will use software to cross reference the list with the size selections made in our sizing survey, and fulfill from our inventory. What happens if you run out of my size and colour for the April delivery? We will be fulfilling orders on a first-backed, first-served basis from our 1st production run (which is already in the making)(ships April). If we are out of stock of the sweater that you want we are going to provide the following solutions: - Same discount on follow up order that will ship in the summer. - 2nd choice on remaining stock (either different colour or size)(if possible) - Full refund / Order cancellation CL Message Explore the outdoors during any stage of maternity