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The Self-Cleaning, Super Soft Graphene Pillow

Waking up without feeling rested and refreshed can ruin the day ahead of you. With one third of our lives being spent sleeping, isn't it time to make sure you're doing it right? The Bantal Pillow was crafted by a team of engineers to ensure you can start sleeping soundly. Get comfortable yet firm support in any sleep position with a design focused on providing full spinal alignment. Thanks to the FlowCell technology used throughout the ergonomic graphene foam, Bantal Pillow circulates fresh air all through the night. ABOUT We are Bantal Pillow! Back us on Kickstarter today! FAQ How much is shipping? Our rate will vary greatly depending on the volume of shipments. However, based on initial quotes, we conservatively estimate the following shipping price per pillow in USD: - USA: $5 - Canada and Mexico: $5-10 - EU: $7-10 - UK: $7-10 - Africa and MEA: $10 - South America: $10 - Asia: $5-10 - Australia and New Zealand: $10-15 Shipping will be collected after the end of the campaign through post-crowdfunding surveys. CL Message Say goodbye to tossing and turning!