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The Mindfulness Timepiece That Moves You Closer To The Present Moment

STUND is a stunningly beautiful timepiece that reminds you that time is passing in a tangible way and encourages you to focus on the present moment. It keeps you grounded, mindful and focused on the passing of time by sending out a smooth, vibrating pulse. Designed and manually assembled in Copenhagen, Denmark, STUND is IP54 waterproof, made from high-grade stainless steel, and boasts high corrosion resistance. ABOUT We are Nærwear. We are a Danish company located in Copenhagen. We make unique timepieces that make you reflect. FAQ Where is Stund manufactured? Stund is proudly manufactured with precision and care to ensure quality, at Nærwear in Copenhagen, Denmark. Does Stund display the current time like a traditional watch? No, Stund is designed to help you feel the passing rather than display the exact time like a traditional watch. CL Message It’s time to be aware of the present moment