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The Intelligent Yard Robot For All Seasons

Yarbo is a smart modular yard-care robot, designed to tackle multiple outdoor chores. Thanks to a set of easily interchangeable modules, you can switch your Yarbo to the function you need. Whether you need to mow the lawn, blow away fallen leaves, or clear away snow, this smart machine is up to the task! Thanks to real-time kinematic positioning, the robot will always stay within the perimeter you set, without any physical barriers or wiring. When the job is done, Yarbo returns to its wireless docking station, where it can be ready for the next clean-up at a moment's notice. ABOUT Yarbo Inc. is an innovative technology company with independent R&D technology. As an intelligent yard service provider, Yarbo Inc. focused on yard maintenance, our main business is to provide autonomous yard robots which offer multi-functional capabilities. FAQ The control methods of Yarbo? You can control Yarbo either through the mobile App or remote controller. The applicable surfaces of Yarbo? Yarbo robots can be operated on various road surfaces, including Masonry / Cement / Asphalt / Smooth & Rough Tiles Pavement. However, given the safety concerns, please remove loose stones and debris in the areas in which your Yarbo usually works before you run them. I know you said that the Yarbo works with Wi-Fi, but what if our internet goes down? In our latest development, we have deployed a 4G network to transmit data between the RTK base and Yarbo to ensure a stable connection. In your extreme case, you can buy an extra Yarbo battery and the power station case to power the RTK base so that Yarbo can normally work even when the electricity goes out. Also, the Yarbo power station can power the Yarbo docking station to charge Yarbo wirelessly. If all methods mentioned above cannot work, you can still control Yarbo by the remote controller that doesn’t rely on Internet! What are the electric requirements for the outside plug? Our power supply can handle AC voltage outlets from 100 V-200 V. You can swap the AC voltage between 110 V and 220 V on our power supply." CL Message This will handle your outdoor chores, no matter the weather ☀️ 🍂 ❄️