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The First Battery-Powered Portable Shower

Tanky is a game-changer in the world of outdoor experiences; this revolutionary battery-powered portable shower and cleaning solution washes away messes no matter where you go! This compact 25L washer fits seamlessly into small cars, SUVs, boats, caravans, and RVs, always ready at the press of a button for those daily dirty moments. Equipped with charging ports, versatile multi-function hoses, and storage that doubles as a cooler, Tanky is more than just a portable shower; it's your go-to adventure companion. ABOUT Tanky is a water technology company with a mission to "make life easier for outdoor people". Tanky 1.0 was created and developed by a tech savvy couple in Australia as the first battery powered portable shower with storage that doubles as a cooler. The founders have a background in media, film and marketing. They share a dream of making Tanky the no.1 company for portable water solutions for adventurers and families worldwide. FAQ How does Tanky work? Tanky operates by using a rechargeable battery to power a self-priming pump. It draws water from its 25L tank and pumps it through a nozzle, providing you with a convenient portable showering experience. Is Tanky easy to transport and set up? Yes, Tanky is designed for portability and convenience. It features a compact design, making it easy to transport. Setting it up is straightforward, requiring minimal assembly and no external power if charged. Can I heat the water in Tanky? While Tanky doesn't have a built-in water heating system, you can fill it with preheated water from another source, like a kettle or solar shower bag, to enjoy warm showers wherever you go. Alternatively, if Tanky is in sun for a few hours, you could also enjoy a warm shower. CL Message From day trips to the beach and wilderness journeys, easily keep yourself and your gear clean