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The Fast-Paced Game That Teaches Children Sight Words

Validated and endorsed by leading literacy experts, Kangaroo Cravings is a fun game which improves reading fluency, word recognition, memory, concentration, and self-esteem by helping children learn over 300 high-frequency sight words. High-frequency word instruction helps increase a child’s ability to read with both speed and ease. Hop along the path to a delicious, cheesy pizza, picking up high-frequency word cards with multi-sensory dancing, singing, acting, and drawing tasks along the way. Play cooperatively to beat the raccoon together, or play competitively for an all-out race. ABOUT Clever Noodle was created when our founder's son was struggling with reading during the COVID-19 pandemic. After months of creative problem-solving, Jacquelyn found that games provided the perfect combination of fun, physical movement and practice to help him master high-frequency, sight words. Her son's teacher saw the power of the game with other students too, and encouraged Jacquelyn to fill the need. There are many science and math games available for teachers and families, but very few options to help children with reading. Now, Clever Noodle is bringing learn-to-read games to kids all across the country. FAQ Can I get multiple levels? Kickstarter doesn't allow you to directly pledge multiple levels, if you would like multiple levels or multiples of the same level, simply add to your pledge and we will combine them for you! When the campaign is done, we'll send out a donor survey and coordinate with you individually. Can I change my pledge? Yes! Even after you submit a pledge, you can return to your account at any time and make changes to the amount or to the Rewards level. How can I give just because I believe in the cause? Thank you! You can pledge without a reward and input any dollar amount you choose. How many people can play Kangaroo Cravings? Kangaroo Cravings is designed for 1-6 players. That means it’s just as fun for one child practicing as it is for a whole group having a game night! How long does it take to learn and play Kangaroo Cravings? Learning to play Kangaroo Cravings takes approximately 2 minutes. Playing the full game requires an average of 20 minutes, depending on the number of players. What is the Science of Reading? The Science of Reading refers to a proven method to teach kids how to read. In 2000, the National Reading Panel worked with more than 100 experts to identify how children learn to read—but this has not been translated into practice nationwide. 60% of US elementary schools still use outdated curriculums. A key insight from the Science of Reading is recognizing reading as a complex neurological task using multiple brain areas in concert. That means breaking down the individual processes required for reading is one of the best ways educators can equip their students. That's also what Kangaroo Cravings does with its fun, multi-sensory cards! Kangaroo Cravings is built on best practices from the Orton-Gillingham method, combining 300 OG, Dolch, and Fry high-frequency, sight words chosen by over a dozen top literacy experts. How are you using the funds raised on Kickstarter? The primary purpose of this Kickstarter campaign is to secure enough preorders to meet our manufacturer’s minimum order requirement (2,000 units). Your support will allow us to meet our quota and get Kangaroo Cravings into households and classrooms across the country. CL Message Built on best practices with multi-sensory strategies to match every learning style