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  • Survival And Horror Supplement For 5th Edition RPGs

    Introducing The Gloaming Wild, a survival and horror supplement for 5th edition role-playing games. The Gloaming Wild offers options and resources to both players and game masters. The Gloaming Wild contains systems and settings to enhance your campaign, facilitating stories of desperation and heroism, horror, and survival. The Gloaming Wild contains over 320 new pages of options and systems. Pick each other up, push forward, and face your fears in The Gloaming Wild. ABOUT Quartermaster Games is a tabletop game company formed by a love of gaming, storytelling, and the memories generated by this great hobby. We aim to equip your table with evocative, easy-to-use tools for elevating your game. Our team is comprised of nationally awarded graphic designers, independent authors, seasoned illustrators, and published editors. FAQ The free adventure download link isn't working for me or I never recieved my email with the link. How do I get the download? On 10/26 we sent an email with alternate download methods to everyone on the list at that time if you requested the free download on that day or prior, that email should provide a solution. We've heard that the Chrome browser sometimes doesn't want to download the file. Also, phones of a certain OS or older aren't able to unzip zip folders, so in that instance, people can download on mobile, but not open the contents. If trying another browser or a computer instead of a phone doesn't work for you, please email info@thegloamingwild.com and we'll manually send you the additional download options. Why is the PDF $35? Why is the hardback $55? At 320+ pages, The Gloaming Wild is a about double most TTRPG books! A great deal of labor and design skill has goes into creating such a large book, so the book has costed more to make, even for the digital version. We know some people really love having a physical book. We do! So we're eating some costs to keep that option affordable for you. The Gloaming Wild was originally planned to be two books, and much of the content has already been written and formatted. Not long before launching we decided one huge book would be better than two normal-sized books - both for us and for the backers. The pricing was as low as we could feasibly go with a project of this size. I play a game other than 5e, will this book still work for me? Yes and no. Obviously the lore, adventure hooks, maps, factions, cultures, and character backstory creator can all be used for campaigns in any system. The new ground-up mechanics will work with most TTRPGs, especially d20 RPGs. These systems include our Afflictions, Foraging, Recovery, Curses, Faith, and Wilderness systems. Other parts of our game design are made specifically for 5e gameplay. These include monsters, subclasses, spells, feats, backgrounds and ancestries. These things should translate to your non-5e game just as well as any other 5e content would. Depending on the system you're playing with, these may or may not port well to that game. CL Message Over 320 pages of new options and systems for characters and campaigns ⚔️