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Supremely Soft, Natural, & American Made Throw Blanket

The Chatham X Emma Harling throw is a supremely soft, natural, and American made throw blanket. The blanket’s construction is 35% mohair and 65% merino wool. The blend gives it a supreme softness and a timeless durability. By combining the mohair with merino wool, the fabric can be made using the woolen system and can achieve a 20 oz weight. The closed weave and heavier weight mean that the fabric is warm and strong, yet retains the properties of the mohair’s softness. It also means that during processing the fibers can be shorn at the same height, creating a durable surface. Stay cozy with Chatham X Emma Harling! ABOUT My name is Alex Chatham. I'm an Industrial Designer based in NYC. I've worked on projects ranging from cars, to Peloton treadmills. I've got a generations long legacy of wool manufacturing in my blood. I'm on a mission to create the best woolen goods anywhere with a commitment to using only natural materials and manufacturing in the US. FAQ How do you clean them? A few people have asked if these can go in the washing machine. We advise not to! Heat and agitation will shrink the wool, so we recommend dry cleaning or hand washing cold and air dry. The key is no heat and minimal working the fabric. Where are they made? They are manufactured in the US- our mill is in Connecticut. Where do you source the material from? For a full production run, the mohair will probably come from South Africa, and the merino from Australia. This is because of material availability and the fact that we simply cannot source enough from the US. CL Message The most versatile and essential item for any home