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Customizable Home Cloud Storage With Remote Access NAS

Linux OS, max 142TB storage, 5xHDD, 4xSSD
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Whether you are a gamer, photographer, or content creator, you need reliable storage for all your digital data: your games, photos, RAW footage, personal collections of music, movies, etc. Storaxa is a combination of a NAS (Network Attached Storage) and WiFi router, with over 100TB of massive storage capacity, available in RAID 0, 1, 5, 6, 10, and an incredible speed of 2.5GbE & WiFi 6 home network. It is fully customizable and open source, powered by TrueNAS-SCALE and OpenWRT, so you are in full control of how your data is stored.


Storaxa is developed by Arrotrack Technology based in Guangzhou, China. Founded by a group of geeks and developers committed to creating a decentralized home cloud category, we never settle for the mediocrity of the existing gadgets we have.


Do backers need to pay extra VAT?

No, VAT is already included in the reward price.

What are the dimensions of Storaxa?

20cm Width x 18cm Height x 26cm Depth 7.875" Width x 7" Height x 10.25" Depth