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This Cozy Hoodie Rewards You For Recycling It

When your hoodie reaches the end of its time with you, scan the QR code, then send it back to the warehouse to be recycled - and get paid for it
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Close the loop on fast fashion with SIXR Apparel. The innovative hoodie finally creates a solution to waste in the closing industry by rewarding you for recycling. The hoodie and all other pieces contain a unique QR code. When your clothes reach the end of their time with you, rather than donating them or throwing them in the trash, scan the QR code to arrange recycling. When it gets to the warehouse, you get rewarded for recycling, and your hoodie also receives a new lease of life. Finally, a circular economy you want to be part of. SIXR Apparel is the change you've been waiting to happen.


Clothing is one of the most commonly thrown away items in the world. It's estimated that we produce over 100 billion pieces of clothing every year, and less than 10% of it is recycled. That's a lot of clothes going to landfill. At sixR, our mission is to help reduce this number by creating a circular economy for fashion. We do this by incentivizing consumers to send their end-of-life clothes back to recycling facilities. Our vision is to keep clothes away from landfill, and work with all kinds of fashion brands – from small/medium to large enterprise – to stay on target with their ESG needs. Join us and help make conscious consumption the new norm.


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