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Hands-Free Smart Floor Washing Robot Vacuum

From carpets to hard floors, you can keep your space spotless without lifting a finger!
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Introducing the eufy S1 Pro Floor Washing Robot Vacuum & All-in-One Station - where innovation meets effortless cleaning. Imagine a robot that vacuums with an impressive 8,000 Pa suction, mops with a self-cleaning 170 RPM rotating head, and empties itself for up to 68 days! The S1 Pro boasts 750x more precise navigation, ensuring a spotless clean that reaches even under furniture. But it doesn't stop there - S1 Pro utilizes Eco-Clean Ozone technology to eliminate 99.99% of germs, leaving your floors hygienically clean and fresh. With a sleek design that complements any décor, the S1 Pro isn't just a cleaning machine; it's an exquisite masterpiece for your modern sanctuary. Upgrade your cleaning routine and breathe easy with the eufy S1 Pro.


eufy, Built with Care At eufy we believe all great smart home products need to be thoughtfully built from the start. So our smart home technology starts from a solid foundation of care. From whole-home security to smart cleaning solutions, eufy's technology brings you expert protection and deep cleaning that's tailored to your lifestyle. By looking beyond functional performance and ahead to the needs of your family, we can create human-first technology that enlivens the lives of everyone around you. Because care is what makes a house a home, everything we build is built with care for you.


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