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Roulette Style Dice That You Play By Spinning

Introducing Roulette Dice, the world's first dice that you play like roulette. Simply give Roulette Dice a spin to determine your fate. Roulette Dice are made of 100% all metal, ultra durable, and have beautiful steampunk designs. Roulette Dice has the features of 7 dice in one. Roulette Dice are customizable and pocket sized so you can easily take them anywhere. Choose from bloody silver, antique silver, patina, antique bronze, antique brass, and gold. Start having fun with Roulette Dice! ABOUT Uniquedice® is a team of professionals with years of experience in dice design and manufacturing. The inspiration comes from the small things in life. We firmly believes that using common inspirations to make more unique dice, let our design enter your life and start your future board game journey. FAQ 1. How to pledge on Kickstarter? To pledge on Kickstarter, here are the detailed steps: Log in with your Kickstarter or Facebook account, or simply log in as a guest. Find a project that interests you and click the “Back this Project” button. Then select your reward and shipping country. Enter your payment information. Then click the “Pledge” button and you’ll be all set. Kickstarter won't charge your card until the END of the campaign, which means you can take advantage of reserving your Wesmart first and think things over later. 2. What are these dice MADE of? All zinc alloy, all of the highest quality while being tough and durable, and can be 100% recycled. Time to say goodbye to other tiny, colorful plastic dice. 3. Roll on…? Everywhere! You can swipe it on your palm, your desk, your game maps, etc. Or the simplest–just flip it with your hands! 4. Is it palm-size? Actually, it’s much smaller than our palms. The diameter of Roulette Dice is 65mm, while other similar products are at least 1.5 times big so that you can play it in the easiest way possible. We assure you that anybody can have real fun with the dice! 5. Shipping and customs We support worldwide delivery. The shipping fee is different when the Product is shipped to different countries. Please be aware that there may be extra customs fees due to the policy of different countries. Backers need to take care of it by themselves, and please check the local regulation of customs duties first. CL Message Your fate lies within the spin of a roulette