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Revolutionary 4-In-1 Water Dispenser

NatureEP is an installation-free air-to-water dispenser that is both eco-friendly and versatile enough to meet a variety of needs. Besides making mineral-rich drinking water from air, this technologically advanced dispenser features an innovative self-adjusting system that raises the water's pH level to 8, creating refreshing alkaline water perfect for drinking. Alkaline water is known for its ability to quickly rehydrate the body and replenish essential electrolytes, giving you a boost of energy whenever you need it. Improve the quality of your drinking water with NatureEP! ABOUT NatureEP’s mission is to tackle the global clean drinking water challenge affecting two billion people and promote sustainable consumption practices. FAQ Will NatureEP function solely off the solar power? For outdoor use, make sure to charge the portable battery with solar power first. Then, use the portable battery to charge NatureEP. For indoor use, just plug it in and press for water. Does it require a lot of electricity? NatureEP utilizes a high-absorption material system that is energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. It can produce approximately 4-5 liters of water per unit of electricity, leading to significant savings in energy costs. Can it filter out heavy metals? NatureEP can effectively remove heavy metals, pesticides, bacteria, suspended solids, and unpleasant odors, among other contaminants. This advanced system employs a three-layer air filtration and a six-stage water purification process. Following these meticulous filtration and purification steps, the water becomes genuinely clean, infused with beneficial minerals, and safe for consumption. CL Message Eliminate plastic bottles and improve the quality of water that you are drinking