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The Intelligent Battery Companion For Your Car

Your car deserves better care, this is the perfect solution to keep it on the open road longer!
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REVENANT B is a game-changing smart system for your vehicle that diagnoses, monitors, and manages the vehicle’s battery and helps jump-start it in five minutes, even if the battery is completely dead - no external power is needed. Furthermore, REVENANT B is also equipped with an AI-based intelligent recovery system, detecting, and controlling the battery state that constantly changes depending on temperature. It works to minimize and prevent the risk of discharge as much as possible. Among its many other features, REVENANT B easily monitors and manages battery status including temperature, voltage, power, SOC (State of Charge), and SOH (State of Health) in real-time.


This game-changing system effortlessly diagnoses, manages, and controls your vehicle’s battery via an easily-controlled app!


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