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Waterproof & Stylish Swimming Shorts

A timeless design that comes in three stunning colors 🩳
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Introducing Rake Shorts, the swimming shorts with a 100% waterproof pocket to keep your valuables safe and dry. Rake Shorts make it easy to keep your wallet, keys, and phone safe with their self-closing waterproof pocket. The Rake Shorts waterproof pocket is designed to withstand depths of over 100ft (30 meters)! In addition, Rake Shorts are made from recycled fabric, fast drying, and come in three stunning colors: pretty mint, very cherry, and just black. Rake Shorts are crafted for all-day comfort and will leave you feeling and looking great no matter where your adventures take you!


RAKE is a brand that has its roots in the Dutch countryside, and has been polished by the city of Amsterdam. RAKE is founded to provide men with high quality, and fashionable clothing. - Bob & Rogier


What colours and sizes will be available?