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Powerful AR Glasses For Your Outdoor Adventures

Introducing Lawk One, powerful AR glasses for your outdoor adventures. These glasses feature sports data tracking and recording, 4K video shooting capabilities, advanced navigation features, music playback functionality, and much more. Lawk One will effortlessly monitor your outdoor journey with precision and accuracy, capture breathtaking photos and videos of unparalleled quality, confidently navigate uncharted terrain with ease and convenience, and enjoy your favorite tunes – all from the palm of your hand. In addition, they are lightweight, water-resistant, and have up to 8 hours of continuous battery. Enhance your outdoor experiences with Lawk One. ABOUT AI+AR is an important landing scene of LAWK, users can use virtual identity to come to the scene of XR, LAWK's virtual world as the center, interact with LAWK, and realize the needs and social interaction in a specific scene. FAQ Why did I see a disclaimer on the campaign page that said” Rewards are not guaranteed”? If you’re new to Kickstarter, a crowdfunding platform, please rest assured that the LAWK team guarantees 100% delivery for every purchased reward. Our team will keep you posted on the delivery schedule. Where do you ship to? We offer worldwide shipping. What is the ETA of the LAWK ONE if i back the campaign? We will ship the first batch of the LAWK ONE around late Dec.2023 Our team will update the tracking information once the local delivery starts. How much is the shipping cost? We offer free worldwide shipping and cover taxes for the LAWK ONE. Do i need to pay a customs fee? Great news! We will cover import taxes on all the rewards purchased in our campaign. CL Message The screen provides real-time monitoring of MPH, workout distance, calorie expenditure, and workout duration