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A Beautiful Toolbox To Elevate Your Home & Your Life

This beautiful toolbox is a subtle size and makes a sizeable statement 🛠️
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Introducing Plumber's Daughter Toolbox, the beautiful and stylish toolbox that will elevate your home and your life. This high-quality toolbox has a design-oriented style that is created to be on open shelves. Each tool has its own neatly labeled dedicated space in the toolbox. These compartments are labeled in delicate golden writing so users will always know where the tools belong. Also, this design feature ensures that the pieces go back to their correct spaces and never look out of place. In addition, each tool in the box has been carefully selected and professionally made with gold-toned finishes to elevate common household chores. The Plumber's Daughter Toolbox is a subtle size and makes a sizeable statement.


Design enthusiast, mom, craft beer drinker, backyard pool maintenance dabbler, life-long learner, adventure-seeker, dog lover, crime documentary binger, and Plumber’s Daughter.



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