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The Infinitely Customizable Universal Remote

Ovomote is an innovative wireless controller which turns traditional home appliances into smart home devices in seconds. No matter how many remote controls you have, Ovomote replaces all of them for a more convenient life. All control and switching functions are simplified into a few touches. The wide compatibility of Ovomote ensures that it can be utilized for all brands of audio / video devices and appliances. Ovomote makes seamlessly connecting to multiple devices a reality including Amazon FireTV, Roku, NVidia Shield and more.


Universal Remote Control!


Can this replace my Harmony Elite Hub and remote to control my entire entertainment system beyond my Fire TV, which includes my LG TV and Marantz AVR?

YES! Ovomote is the all-in-one smart remote.

Does it have a user programme interface? My new TV has a real time consuming method for changing the screen format ie: numerous inputs on remote.

Sure, you can control your TV with our Interface for all the key features.

Does it support any other languages?

Languages can be switched in the language settings. Specific languages will be added later if needed.

How long can I use the battery for?

Ovomote comes with a built-in 2000mAh battery which can last up to 10 days depending on the usage.

When is the expected delivery time?

We will start shipping in March 2023.