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Revolutionary Pillow That Combines Water And Air

Stay cool and supported with this comfortable and unique pillow
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Nitetronic F1 is a unique pillow that combines the benefits of both air and water for a deeper sleep and versatile personal customization. The water in the Nitetronic F1 pillow helps to keep you cool and refreshed while the air provides a comfortable floating experience. Together these two elements help you achieve a more restful sleep. In addition, the height and firmness of the Nitetronic F1 pillow can be adjusted to meet your needs. Start every morning feeling more refreshed with Nitetronic F1!


Nitetronic was established in Hamburg, Germany in 2012 and is the first and only smart anti-snore pillow on the market that has been clinically proven to reduce or eliminate snoring. While the Research and Development team is based in Hamburg, its manufacturing hub is located in Shanghai, China.


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