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Natural Thermoregulating Blanket For A Comfortable Sleep

Introducing HILU, the natural thermoregulating blanket for a perfect sleep. HILU absorbs the heat from your body and dissipates the heat within the fiber, preventing the build-up of humidity, and keeping you dry all night long. HILU blankets are made from a gentle, soft fabric that doesn't irritate your skin despite the power-packed graphene technology. In addition, HILU is antimicrobial and antibacterial so it stays fresh and clean longer. HILU is super durable, eco-friendly, and hypoallergenic. ABOUT HILU team wants to create a blanket that would not only serve its main purpose of giving comfort and coziness to its owners, but also take the sleeping and lounging experience to a new level. FAQ Is HILU blanket safe for both adults and children? Graphene oxide in its raw form (in powder) may not be safe, but once it is processed in a single-layer form such as our Graphene fiber it is completely safe as our Graphene fiber is IGCC and OEKO – TEX100 certified which makes it safe for babies and adults. What are the certifications of HILU? HILU’s graphene fiber is both IGCC and OEKO – TEX100 certified IGCC is the international graphene product certification center OEKO – TEX100 is one of the world’s best-known independent testing for harmful substances. Simply put, HILU covers everyone for safety and the benefits HILU provides far exceed our price making it affordable in the long run as it may be the last blanket you will ever want to own. Will I get my HILU when I pledge? Unequivocally a big YES! We understand your skepticism as many creators on Kickstarter has failed to deliver due to various reasons. But rest assured this is not our first rodeo, we have secured all our logistics from manufacturing to delivery. We are not immune to price fluctuation of raw materials, but we have secured all core essentials logistics before even making our first samples to preparing for our mass manufacturing. How does HILU know the ideal temperature for me? Scientifically proven our body temperature drops and fluctuates during the night, there is no specific temperature HILU is set on, but Hilu will adjust accordingly to what your body needs. We combine the natural thermal-regulating properties of graphene with our adaptex technology to help evenly distribute heat from warmer parts of your body to areas that are colder, and vice versa. This allows the body to redirect the energy usually required for regulating body temperature throughout the night to balance your body temperature to give you perfect uninterrupted sleep. How can we make HILU when Graphene is so expensive? It’s been a couple of decades since the discovery of Graphene material. Throughout time the new economical process has been discovered to match the increased usage of Graphene in many industries. The cost of producing different types of Graphene material became more economical. We use only pure Graphene material to start our process and applying our adapter technology we combine Graphene with composite material to give HILU both warming and cooling properties while at the same time making it affordable. CL Message Keeping Hot And Cold Sleepers Happy