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Build The Puzzle To Find Out What Happens!

Most jigsaw puzzles tell you what’s in the box right on the front of the box. This is NOT most jigsaw puzzles. It’s Mystery Puzzles 2, and this time it’s even more puzzling! It’s a 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle where each piece is a clue. What’s on the box is not exactly what’s in the box. Every single piece gets you closer to finding out what happens in the story. That means it'll keep you guessing until the very last piece! It’s like Where’s Waldo meets I Spy with a mystery to solve. Can you figure it out, or will it leave you puzzled? 


Odd Pieces is a new kind of puzzle that blends elements from comic books, treasure hunts, and gaming to tell a rich, immersive story full of surprises and hidden details.


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