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Modular Cardio Equipment To Revolutionize Your Workouts

Working out gets expensive: gym memberships, high-tech machines, and countless weight sets can easily drain your wallet. Flyweight was designed to replace overpriced equipment with a modular concept that will transform how you work on cardio and conditioning. Flyweight is crafted with two-way acceleration in mind, making each rep more intense and keeping your heart rate high. What's more, the pieces connect and detach with ease, letting you easily add up to130lbs (59kg) of resistance to your rows, skis, and more. Whether you're trying to stay in shape or already have an active lifestyle, Flyweight is the fitness fix that will innovate your routine. ABOUT We make high-performance machines for high-performance athletes. FAQ What is it made out of? The Flyweight is made out of industrial grade materials: metal alloy, anti-friction nylon, liquid silicone rubber, and black electrocoat. Can you add resistance to it? Resistance is scaled through the amount of acceleration. That’s how Flyweight is estimated to deliver up to 130lbs of resistance. (Using the equation Force = Mass x Acceleration.) Like with a pair of boxing gloves, baseball, golf or tennis swing, and sprinting, force is generated through acceleration, not by adding weight. Does it have internal moving parts that shift along the inside? The parts are solid metal. There is no shifting inside of the weights. Any shifting inside would actually work against the idea of max acceleration-braking-acceleration in every rep. It would have been far cheaper and easier to make a hollow-filled product, but that’s not what Flyweight is about. CL Message Whether you're professional athlete or just starting your fitness journey, this will change the way you exercise!