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Peak Design's New Mirrorless Camera Hand Strap

Keep a strong grip on your gear without getting sore thanks to a comfortable slim grip crafted with full camera accessibility in mind
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As cameras keep getting better and smaller, our big human hands have stayed the same size. Most mirrorless cameras offer little to no grip, resulting in accidental drops that bring your photoshoot to an end and empty out your wallet. That's exactly why Micro Clutch was born. This slim and stable hand strap was designed specifically for mirrorless cameras, giving you the stability you need to quickly move for the perfect shot. It fits onto your hand and stays in place with a plush moisture-wicking microfiber cushion perfect for day-long photography. Shoot with a better grip, full access to your camera's controls, and stop dreading drops for good.


We're a San Francisco based product design company, and we pride ourselves in doing things a bit differently. We're entirely crowdfunded. We've launched 10 Kickstarter projects. We have no outside investors, no revenue goals, no PowerPoint presentations. Just us, our backers, and some seriously radical product design. We think crowdfunding is a better way to bring products to life, for companies, customers, and the world at large. We also like to tell it like it is. We don't feel the need to cloak our communication, business practices, or even personal lives in a veil of what you might call "corporate correctness." We answer our customers' questions honestly, even if it's not what they hope to hear. We share our screw-ups just as transparently as our successes. Those who have been long-time backers know what we mean.


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