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The Sleek Multi-Tool for Programmers, Hackers, and Cybersecurity Pros

Once a tech geek's secret weapon, now your everyday companion
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Do you think hacking is just for bad guys? With The M1, you can use their secret tricks to simplify your life. Like a Swiss Army Tool for tech geeks, the pocket-sized companion allows you to scan and hold all your essentials in one place. Load it up with your remote controls, NFC-enabled bank cards, RFID tags like memberships, and even hardware. With SD card storage, you can keep immense amounts of data in one place, so you always have it on hand. No more searching for the proper remote control or carrying your bulging card wallet everywhere. Use stealthy technology for good, not evil, with The M1.


The M1: A Compact Multitool for Technophiles and Hackers


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