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Fast And Durable 7-Color 3D Printer

Featuring a unique upside-down design for incredibly rapid & stable printing
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KOKONI SOTA is an advanced 3D printer with incredible capabilities that guarantee fast, easy-to-use, and high-quality printing every time. Unlike most traditional 3D printers on the market, the KOKONI SOTA comes with a revolutionary upside-down design by securely mounting most moving parts such as motors and rails to the bottom base of the printer and, as a result, lowering the center of gravity helping to improve printing stability. The innovative design of KOKONI SOTA achieves a close-to-zero vibration, and effectively increases the stability and printing speed. Additional features include smart app control, AI modeling, extreme accuracy and more. Enjoy every print with KOKONI SOTA!


KOKONI is a CreaTech (Creativity Technology) brand that provides smart tools and solutions to bring people fun and joy.Insisting on “Accessible Innovation”, KOKONI has started the journey with consumer 3D printers that are powerful, yet accessible to everyone.


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