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The Smart Hooded Waffle Weave Bathrobe

Ideal for lounging on the couch, taking out the trash, and even your lazy Sunday coffee run 🛁👘
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K-25 SMART ROBE 2.0 isn't just your everyday old-grandma bathrobe. This smart hooded waffle robe made from 100% natural cotton is packed with secrets that make it like none other. Intelligent storage like a glasses hook, hidden pocket, and credit card holder make it ideal even for running errands. The triple secure system covers you from top to bottom, so you never reveal more than you intended. For sofa days, trash days, and lazy Sunday coffee runs, K-25 SMART ROBE 2.0 is the robe for every side of life.


Our motto - IT CAN BE DIFFERENT. Redefining essentials. One at a time. When an artist meets an entrepreneur magic happens. We are a great team. Each person performs as a part of an upscale mechanism. We design, we draw, we plan, manage operations, and build marketing strategies. We believe in excellence and beauty. We don't compromise with perfection. We are the creators of K-25 Smart Bath Towels - waffle towels that are changing the way people shower. Perseverance is what distinguishes us. We will not stop until make our dreams come true and create a better World for all of us. Hop in and enjoy your journey with us!


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