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Zero Latency MMW 4K Wireless Transmitter Pack

Unrivaled performance, zero latency, 25m distance, and more
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JektorPro is a game-changing 4K, MMW WiFi transmitter with an amazing 25m distance that offers rich details and brilliant pictures without missing a frame. Outstanding specifications enhance the home viewing experience for movies, games, presentations and so much more. JektorPro is portable and compact enough to be used in multiple scenarios. It is made of metal with ABS resin, plus effective heat dissipation for long lasting endurance.


Shenzhen Jaguar Wave Technology Co.,LTD is founded in 2016, it was initiated by many senior doctors and has a Research and Develop, plus design team of nearly 100 people. It has been committed to radio RF and antenna design, SIP system packaging design, millimeter wave transmission equipment design and manufacturing, etc. At present, it has 36 technical patents, equipped with the world's top millimeter wave technology research and development laboratory, and established cooperative relations with many well-known enterprises.


What is the difference between the frequency of the millimeter wave and the refresh rate of the resolution?