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Introducing Premium 5E Content That’s Sure To Enrich Players' Experiences

Welcome to Creed's Codex: Legends of the Psionics for D&D 5th Edition. This standalone sequel to the original Creed's Codex adds a psionic class, feats, lore, and more to any new or existing campaign. Enhance each character's experience with this new content , and explore the tales Creed has obtained in Zephyr's Veil. Motivate PCs with new items and spells for them to explore, weaving a unique adventure across any session. Each piece of new content has been balanced and playtested, ensuring a fair but fierce experience waiting to be unveiled. ABOUT Knight Vision Creative is focused on providing premium 5E content to enrich players' experiences. Our company stands out for amazing illustrations, true 5E compatibility, and its rigorous use of mathematical models to ensure smooth power curves. Tabletop game enthusiasts, we pursue elevating your games from enjoyable to bad-ass awesomeness. FAQ When will the PDFs will be delivered? All PDFs will be delivered DEC 2023 or earlier except the Psionic-Add on. CL Message A standalone sequel to the acclaimed, well-received previous book