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All-In-One Home Gym And Workout System

The next best thing to a live-in personal trainer 🏋️‍♂️
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Now, you don't need an expensive gym membership, equipment, or personal trainer to get an effective workout. IM.GYM-3000 revolutionizes home training, taking it far beyond the usual YouTube videos. Follow over 60 workouts on the dedicated app. The workout band delivers up to 400lbs of resistance, counting your reps just like a personal trainer. This proves you don't need a full rack of weights to make serious gains. Workouts don't get more effective or affordable than IM.GYM-3000.


FURUN was founded in 2007. We began by conducting research on an extracorporeal biofeedback device that could easily detect pelvic floor shrinkage and loosening to display on a computer for monitoring. After our lengthy R&D process, we finished development on the world’s first product of its kind in 2012. Then, we used our original patents to supply hospitals in Australia, Taiwan, Japan, UAE, Portugal, China, and more. In 2016, we compactly redesigned this product for individual use, and are continuing to sell it today. We then used our exclusive technologies to develop IM.GYM: a top-tier home training device with real-time, full-body tracking and data-based exercise management.


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