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Heat Control Coaster That Works With Any Coffee Or Tea Cup

Is there anything more heartbreaking than a cold and forgotten cup of tea? Now, even if life pulls you away from your warm mug of love, you can still enjoy your hot beverage later with ikago Heat Coaster Pro. This innovative heat coaster lets you control your drink's temperature to the exact degree you like it at. Save the ideal temperatures for all your favorite beverages, from warming hot chocolates to steamy lattes. The coaster works with mugs made with varying materials, including pottery, stainless steel, and glass. Check how warm your drink is on the OLED display and find the ideal moment to relax, sit back, and enjoy.


ikago is committed to providing the most suitable temperature with new technology, adding beauty to life with exquisite design, so that everyone can enjoy the slow pace of a break, instill hope and ignite the passion for the new day.


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