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Automatic Window Cleaning Robot

Everyone loves large open windows that let in beautiful light, and give you breathtaking views. But nobody likes to have to clean them. With the HUTT W8 you can enjoy sparklingly clean windows without all the work. It’s a powerful window cleaning robot featuring an innovative dual water spray system that washes your windows end to end, and even inside and out while you sit back and relax. Enjoy your windows without the work with HUTT W8.


HUTT Wisdom Technology Limited is a national high-tech company driven by the mission of “Respecting lives”. A group of talented and passionate software engineers and industry design professionals set up a laboratory in 2016, started their researching in window cleaning robots. The company was established on June 25th, 2018 focused on household facade cleaning solutions. Under the company-wide efforts, Hutt's innovative cleaning products have brought cleanliness and convenience to its customers worldwide.  


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