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Portable Flashcards For Professional Communication

Know what to say in every professional situation
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Introducing How To Say It, a deck of flashcards to help you know what to say in every professional situation. Master the four career-defining situations: rewarding relationships, manageable meetings, terrific teamwork, and impressive interviews. These expert-vetted and field-tested templates include 52 scenarios and over 200 fill-in-the-blanks written by Harvard career advisor Gorick Ng. The material provided in these cards is based on research with thousands of professionals across industries and job types. The packable and portable size make it so you can learn anywhere. The sleek and discreet design features a smooth matte navy box and glossy sheen, which instantly elevates any bookshelf, desk, or work bag. In addition, you get 52 videos (4 hours of content) on how to approach each scenario, straight from Gorick Ng himself.


First-gen college grad. WSJ bestselling author. Harvard career adviser. On a mission to demystify the unspoken rules of career success.


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