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High Vibration Oracle System For Spiritual Guidance

Let ancient wisdom, spiritual guidance, and profound techniques open your heart and uplift your life with The Shankara Oracle System. The unique high-vibration system features 4 oracle decks, 18 sacred stones, and divination die to guide you through life's journeys. Ask a question, and drop the sacred stones on the board. Watch where they fall into place and interpret the various elements to gain guidance for love, career, forgiveness, spiritual growth, or any other aspect of life. ABOUT I am a loving spiritual teacher, mystic, and clairvoyant, serving at the feet of enlightened masters for many years, and committed to following a Dharmic path to the best of my ability. Krishna Kalesh, my spiritual name, was given to me by my guru over 35 years ago. Over the past several years, my life has transitioned to match the vibration of my name, as I channeled Shankara into the world. Over the past many years, I was privileged to guide others to their healing and expansion through personal sessions, business coaching, spiritual readings, and retreats. I did this quietly in the background (as I ran several companies), until my spiritual work blossomed in unimaginable ways. I am using my spiritual name for Shankara and all of my work going forward, focusing solely on helping people heal toward their liberation. It has taken some time to understand how to embrace a new name, within a path to which I have long been devoted. My mission in life is to help others source their boundless creative genius and joy, embody virtue, find healing and clarity, and master their lives. The Shankara Oracle is my way of sharing with the world what I have learned through my years of Self-healing, guiding others, celebrating the human condition, and living in accordance with spiritual principles. I channeled Shankara with the help of numerous spirit guides across myriad realms. I worked tirelessly during early morning dreams, prayers, rituals, and sessions with The Divine. I would chant in Sanskrit for an hour, and images would emerge. Shankara took many forms over the years. I have poured my heart and soul into Shankara, and I hope it serves you in profound and beneficial ways. I have the most remarkable team of artists helping to bring the Shankara vision to life, and the production of Shankara has been infused with love and light. We are grateful to be here on Kickstarter, filled with hope and dedication. Being fully funded, we are eager to enter production on June 22, 2023. Thank you for being with us! FAQ What is The Mystic Vedic Astrology Reading PLUS Shankara Session? This Add-On includes a personal, custom, written Vedic astrology report and a personal, custom, written, deeply intuitive Shankara session. This is a 6-hour process that I personally research and write for the buyer based on their birth date, time, city/state, and county. Includes a personal Shankara session, where I use all of Shankara's tools to bring you a loving, inspiring representation of you, your loved ones, and your life at this time. The written report will include images from the board, stones, and cards that emerged during your session. It's a deep and personal experience. This Add-On is a very comprehensive offer, not offered anywhere else. You will love your written reading - something that you will read again and again for support and guidance. What are The Sacred Action Cards? The Sacred Action Cards is a profoundly inspiring and beautiful deck of golden-edged cards. These 113 cards are filled with loving and nourishing ideas to help you heal yourself and uplift humanity. The Sacred Cards are truly unique and divine. They are included in The Complete Shankara Oracle System - and as an Add-On, in case you want to buy something special for a loving person in your life. What are the 7 gemstones in the 7 Gemstone Starter Kit? This lovely collection of gemstones is the perfect addition to your Shankara board for sessions and readings. They will add light, love, and energy to your experience. You can place them anywhere on the board, especially in the player areas. These are the stones in the collection: 1. Amethyst for peace, unification, and balance. 2. Smoky Quartz for stability and grounding (The Grounding Stone) 3. Bloodstone or Cherry Quartz for courage, strength, enthusiasm, and protection. 4. Tiger's Eye for self-confidence and inner strength. 5. Blue Lapis for wisdom, truth, honor, and life vision. 6. Red Jade or Red Agate for confidence, luck, passion, ambition, and self-reliance. 7. Aventurine for compassion, leadership, prosperity, and perseverance. CL Message Oracle cards, sacred stones, and divination die work in perfect synchronicity to connect you to your inner wisdom