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A Supernatural Apocalyptic Western Graphic Novel

Explore a universe full of monsters, curses, and demons set in the old west
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Felipe Cagno presents The Few and the Cursed: Hidden Away. Imagine a supernatural, post-apocalyptic Western if the apocalypse happened back in 1840. Doors to all types of monsters, curses, and demons have been opened. Hidden Away, a one-shot graphic novel set in the larger universe of The Few and the Cursed, features new characters to the franchise. The Gusanos embark on the adventure of a lifetime, exploring the water mines of their quaint little town. But curses, monsters, mysteries, and more are just around the corner in this exciting book for all ages.


I write films, comic books, shorts and games. I tell stories. There's this little crazy world I live in, why not share it, right?


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