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A New Type Of String Instrument Made For Easy Playing

This instrument has only 16 strings, but can produce 28 different notes 🎵
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Hanago is a new and innovative string instrument that combines features of both the guitar and piano through a single-fret. This amazing musical instrument is not only very easy to learn, but allows you to learn and understand music theory in a simple and easy way. Hanago has only 16 strings, yet it can produce 28 different notes. The single-fret is a simple and easy method to change tones and allows you to produce more complex sounds. Additionally, the layout of the strings and frets line up exactly with that of a piano. Enjoy the soothing sounds of music with Hanago!


Brought to you by Koaura, Hanago is the second instrument that they have created. A group of individuals passionate about music and eager to make playing music simple and accesible for everyone. They aim to innovate, create, and design low cost instruments that do not compromise on quality or sound, but are still easy to learn regardless of age and experience.


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