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30 Piece Gold-Plated Tableware Set

Make guests feel like kings and queens at your next dinner party with Diana Gold Tableware. The elegant 30-piece dinner set features 22 / 24 karat gold plating, making every meal feel special. Manufactured in Germany's Solingen City, an area renowned for artisan manufacturing for centuries, the tableware has been created using the finest craftsmanship and intricate attention to detail. Add this set to your home, and even your morning cereal will feel like a special occasion.


Sternsteiger is still a very young brand - ambitious and fast growing Brand. We came to Kickstarter, because we want to spread the word and enable more people to experience our high quality household Goods & Knives, that are manufactured in the famous city of Solingen in Germany, the "city of blades". Our mission is to revive the german steelware industry that has been decimated by the competition form the far east. With new ideas and strategies STERNSTEIGER is already now a known brand in the region.


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