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Geometric & Customizable Globes Of Light

Create stunning light shows, control the color and animations, and synchronize multiple balls from the dedicated app
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Transform any space into an ethereal art installation with GLORB. The brilliant balls of light are fully customizable from the dedicated app, letting you control color palettes, animations, and synchronicity between units. Create playlists and watch them dance to the music for beautiful light shows using sound reactivity. Trippy, hypnotic, beautiful, now you can create any ambiance. With voice control and smart automation, they integrate seamlessly into your smart home. Light up your life with GLORB.


I'm a product design engineer from Sweden with a passion for lighting products! I've worked in many hardware startups before, designing lamps and other products for mass manufacturing. I've also lived in China to work closely with manufacturing partners for the products I've designed.


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What is Kickstarter?

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