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The New Fetch Toy For Dogs Designed For Maximum Fun!

Send the ring soaring with a single flick of your wrist and watch your dog have a blast
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Gitit MAX is the fun, fast, and safe fetch toy that dogs go wild for. Gitit MAX can travel for up to 250 feet, races along the ground (not in the air!), triggers your dog’s instincts and is totally slobber-less, so you’ll never get your hands dirty, thanks to a patent-pending design that makes sure the loading of the toy is 100% hands-free. The Gitit MAX rings are all food-safe, BPA-free, and non-toxic.


performance toys that engage a dog's natural instincts to chase things, not retrieve stuff. Gitit fetch toys go faster, farther, and FUNNER than any toy on the market today. You AND your dog are gonna LOVE IT!!


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